What does the OACP do for law enforcement?

OACP is not a fraternal or labor movement organization. We are a 501(4)c not for profit that focuses on the professionalism and ethics of law enforcment.

The OACP is an organization of law enforcement executives and their command support staff who promote professionalism in Oklahoma law enforcement. Our members come from different agency types and sizes. Membership includes: federal, state, campus, municipal, county, tribal, corporate security and more

What is the mission of the OACP?

To promote excellence in law enforcement through professional development, ethical standards, technical support, and communications.

What is the objective of the OACP?

The objective of the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police is to advance the science and art of law enforcement administration including, but not limited to; community policing and crime prevention; to develop knowledge of law enforcement practices and procedures; to foster law enforcement cooperation; and the exchange of information and experience of law enforcement administrators throughout the State of Oklahoma; to bring about enlistment and training of qualified persons in the law enforcement profession; study current and future legislation effecting law enforcement and make recommendations which would enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies and organizations for the mutual benefitĀ  of law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma ; and the encourage adherence of all law enforcement to the highest professional standards of conduct.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the OACP?

Netwworking with law enforcement agency and department professionals all over Oklahoma providing the opportunity to both aquire and share information among their own administrave staff and command personnel.

Professional development opportunties through current training, committees and meetings.

A collective voice and representation to address law enforcement and public safety inititatives in order to address the importance of improving laws, introduction of new laws and concerns before legislative bodies, regulatory agencies and the courts.

No cost job announcements postings on the OACP website. Non-Member cost is a minimum of $65.00 per postings.

Free training announcements posted on the OACP website and sent to over 1300 subscribers. *see rules for training announcements.

Member discount rate for Annual Training Conference & Exhibitor Show.

Complete access to the “Members Only” area of the webiste which includes a vast resource of model policy templates, Police Chiefs reference resources and the online law enforcement directory featuring all agencies in Oklahoma.

These are just a few of the benefits of the OACP. Please click to see more!

The OACP is among the largest and most respected state-level police executive organizations in the United States. Our portfolio of training programs for all agencies, professional services and public affairs pragrams places the OACP among the elite police executive organizations in the country.

The Association is an integral part of the law enforcement community, and works closely with our colleagues at all levels of government. At OACP,we believe that they best way to share the potential of our Association is to unleash the potential of our members.

OACP represents all ranks of law enforcement officers at the federal, state, county, tribal, campus and local municipal levels. OACP has a diversified membership that includes all aspects of the criminal justice system.

The benefits that OACP offers members and partners are unique to progressive professional associations: leadership, learning, vision, knowledge, ideas, influence and relationships. Because of this, the most important factors in determining our succes are the skills, abilities, intelligence and initiative of OACP members, member leaders and partners.