Welcome to the New Chiefs Class

Since 2006, The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police has certified over 700 law enforcement administrators as a new Chief of Police. Although, the course is state mandated by statute for all newly appointed or elected municipal Police Chiefs, there have been many other law enforcement individuals certified that have desired the certification for future career advancement in law enforcement administration. These individuals also include not only municipal law enforcement, but also state, federal, tribal, county, campus and various other law enforcement agency administrators throughout Oklahoma. OACP welcomes you to the Police Chief Administrative and Command Staff Training.

Chiefs School Requirements

Who must attend the class

Within twelve (12) months of assuming the position of Chief of Police in a municipality, you must have successfully completed a course of training at least meeting the minimal criteria established by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) for police chiefs administration, sucessfully completed an approved police chiefs administrative school which has been developed by the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police and approved by the Council.

Must I attend if I am only Interim Chief?

Of course not all circumstances are the same for all municipalities, however, whether you are a Interim police chief or not, once you assume the position, the time begins for the twelve (12) month period which begins from the date you assume the position. If you feel that you are either going to be in this position for a long period and/or you are a candidate for the permanent position of chief of police, we strongly suggest that you consider certification as soon as you can.

What if I do not attend?

Any person assuming the position of chief of police without prior CLEET certification who fails to complete an approved course of training or police chief administration school within the time required, shall be precluded from obtaining CLEET certification while in such postion.

I was a Police Chief in another state and I accepted this poistion in Oklahoma. Am I required to attend the Chiefs Adminstrative School?

Yes. Oklahoma has no agreement with other states regarding chief of police certification.

How do I register?

You can download the entire registration, hotel listing and possible grant assistance form from OMAG on this page.

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