Welcome to the OACP

     OACP is the largest law enforcement executive and administrative association in Oklahoma. Our members come from many facets of professional agencies and departments throughout the state. The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police has a strong objective of goals that are to foster strong ethical standards and a commitment of professional conduct in law enforcement through education, professional training, communications and improving laws that protect the citizens of communities throughout Oklahoma.

     The greatest benefit of the organization is the ability of all law enforcement to network through various channels of services, resources, committees, other agencies and model policies through a vast network of other agencies with the same goals in mind.

      Our membership includes agencies and departments such as; campus law enforcement, corrections management, corporate protection and security, federal agencies, state agencies, municipal chiefs. tribal law enforcement, county sheriffs, public safety and highway patrol, rail, air, transportation and many other law enforcement entities in Oklahoma.

      As an organization of many members, we become one voice for stronger laws to protect the citizens of Oklahoma through legislative committees, community policing, continuous professional training and education.


    The OPCTF (Oklahoma Police Chiefs Training Foundation) has added new courses for criminal justice employees for the remainder of 2018. If you haven’t completed your mandated training for this year, now is the time to schedule your hours. To register for training courses., please contact us at (405) 672-1225 ext 2 or you can email Lois Whitaker at Lois@TheOACP.org .