OACP Conference Only a Few Weeks Away!

The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police will be hosting the 2017 Annual Training Conference and Exhibitor Showcase in just a few weeks.

With the success of the conference in Ardmore last year, the OACP will be there again this year.

Before the conference begins, Enjoy a day of golf with law enforcement. vendors and friends on Monday, June 26th at Lake Murray Lodge Golf Course. A relaxing day of competition golfing and a great lunch buffet afterwards.

Learn about the benefits of OACP membership!

OACP is the largest law enforcement executive and administrative association in Oklahoma. Our members come from many facets of professional agencies and departments throughout the state. The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police has a strong objective of goals that are to foster strong ethical standards and a commitment of professional conduct in law enforcement through education, professional training, communications and improving laws that protect the citizens of communities throughout Oklahoma.


The greatest benefit of the organization is the ability of all law enforcement to network through various channels of services, resources, committees, other agencies and model policies through a vast network of other agencies with the same goals in mind.

Feel free to contact Executive Director – Chief Phil Cotten (ret.) for further information at Phil@TheOACP.org.


2017 New Chiefs Class


The next scheduled class for the OACP New Chiefs Command Staff Training starts October 23, 2017 through October 27, 2017. This class is required for anyone that is promoted or hired as a new chief or has been elected. We also have many existing chiefs that return as a refresher course and command staff members who desire a career in the near future as a new chief. All new chiefs must attend this class within one year of assuming the position of chief of police.

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It's Official - Ardmore 2017!


The OACP Annual Training Conference & Exhibitor Show will be held in Ardmore, Oklahoma at the Ardmore Convention Center. Last year was a great success and this year will be even better. We should have a confirmed agenda and registration forms available by mid January 2017. This is the time we honor those have made a difference in law enforcement.

Did you receive a residential fundraising call?

OACP has partnered with Residential Programs Incorporated who specializes in supportive sponsorships. For more information and to donate online, please click here.