Welcome to the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police

      The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police membership is comprised of many diversities of agencies and municipal departments inclusive of law enforcement leadership administrators and their supportive administrative command staff. The OACP mission is to promote excellence through professionalism in ethical standards, professional development and training, technical support, and communications through networking with agencies and departments throughout Oklahoma.

      Our membership includes administrative leaders and their command staff personnel from agencies such as; campus law enforcement, corrections management, corporate protection, federal agencies, state agencies, municipal chiefs. tribal law enforcement, county sheriffs, public safety and highway patrol, rail, air, transportation and many other law enforcement entities in Oklahoma.

    I encourage you to consider becoming a member of the OACP. As an organization of many members, we become one voice for stronger laws to protect the citizens of Oklahoma through legislative committees, community policing,  continuous professional training and education and networking through quarterly business meetings and constant communications through daily email news updates.

Steve Emmons

Executive Director

Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police

(405) 672-1225


Oklahoma Law Enforcement Accreditation Program OLEAP

        The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (OLEAP) was established in 1996 to enhance the law enforcement profession by providing agencies in Oklahoma with an avenue to demonstrate that they meet commonly accepted Standards based on Federal and Oklahoma law, Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) regulations and contemporary best practices. visit page  

Police Chief's Administrative & Command Staff Training

Police Chief’s Administrative & Command Staff Training

October 29th – November 2nd, 2018



Within twelve (12) months of assuming the position of Chief of Police in a municipality, you must have successfully completed a course of training at least meeting the minimal criteria established by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) for police chiefs administration, sucessfully completed an approved police chiefs administrative school which has been developed by the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police and approved by the Council.


Of course not all circumstances are the same for all municipalities, however, whether you are a Interim police chief or not, once you assume the position, the time begins for the twelve (12) month period which begins from the date you assume the position. If you feel that you are either going to be in this position for a long period and/or you are a candidate for the permanent position of chief of police, we strongly suggest that you consider certification as soon as you can.


This class is open for anyone with a desire of becoming a new chief or agency administrator.  Our class of past certified chiefs have come from numerous agencies and positions. Many key requirements now require certification when applying for an administrative management position.

Go to new Chiefs section here! Now accepting registrations and class size is limited seating!

Learn about the benefits of OACP membership!

    OACP is the largest law enforcement executive and administrative association in Oklahoma. Our members come from many facets of professional agencies and departments throughout the state. The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police has a strong objective of goals that are to foster strong ethical standards and a commitment of professional conduct in law enforcement through education, professional training, communications and improving laws that protect the citizens of communities throughout Oklahoma.

     The greatest benefit of the organization is the ability of all law enforcement to network through various channels of services, resources, committees, other agencies and model policies through a vast network of other agencies with the same goals in mind.

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