Welcome to the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police

Since 1976, the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) has provided members with the resources they need to enhance performance and ensure continued success and effectiveness while serving their communities. The OACP is a professional membership organization serving Oklahoma’s law enforcement executives and their command staff structures who maintain operations and management of their agencies and departments.


Who We Are

The OACP is among the largest and most respective state-level law enforcement executive organizations in the United States. Our portfolio of training programs for all agencies and departments, professional services and public affairs programs places the OACP among the elite law enforcement executive programs and organizations in the country.

The OACP is an integral part of the law enforcement community, and we work closely with our colleagues at all levels of government. At OACP, we believe that the best way to share the potential of the OACP is to unleash to potential our organization’s members.

The benefits that OACP offers members and partners are unique to progressive professional associations through leadership, learning, vision, knowledge, ideas, influence and relationships. Because of this, the most important factors in determining our success are the skills, abilities, intelligence and initiative of OACP members, leaders and partners.


Our Mission

Since OACP’s conception, our mission has grown to include:

  • Develop closer official and personal cooperation between department chiefs, agency directors, command law enforcement staff and governmental agencies.
  • Propose, support and provide information on legislation relative to the betterment of law enforcement and the for the communities they serve.
  • Promote professionalism, training and public relations.
  • The OACP Legislative Committee was formed to actively work with state legislators on law and issues that effect our member agencies and departments.
  • A Professional Development Committee has been formed to establish a Oklahoma Executive Leadership Command Institute.
  • Disseminate to its members timely and informative information relative law enforcement and public safety.