ChIEf Curt Terry

Woodward Police Department

     Chief Terry began his career in law enforcement in 1990.  His career at the Woodward Police Department began in 1996 when he was hired as a detective in the Detective Division.

      In 2002 Chief Terry achieved a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern Oklahoma State University, and in 2008 he was hired as a Special Agent at the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI).  At the bureau, he attended the 14th OSBI Academy.  He served in the Intel Unit, and later the Crime Scene Unit where he received hundreds of hours of education and worked many high-profile murder cases.   Terry retired from the OSBI and became Woodward’s Chief of Police in 2017.

      Being a strong advocate for training, Chief Terry provides opportunities for the Woodward officers to receive many hours of training beyond the state’s requirements.  Terry’s professional affiliations include the executive board of the OACP and the Oklahoma Board of Tests.