Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police

The OACP greatly appreciates your support of Oklahoma law enforcement.

The members of the OACP come from many different types of law enforcement agencies and sizes. The objective of the OACP is protecting the citizens of Oklahoma through professional training, strengthing laws that protect individuals from crime, domestic violence, assault and from identity theft. Community Policing with the residents of your community through awareness programs, educational resource and more services which are the primary goals of the membership of OACP.

Our membership is comprised of chief law enforcement commmand administrators and their administrative support staff. Agency members types include: Campus Police, County Sheriffs, District Attorneys, Municipal Police Chiefs, Tribal Law Enforcement, Highway Patrol, Department of Public Safety, Homeland Security, Federal Agencies, State Agencies, Rail, Air and Transportation and more.


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Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police

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Thank you for visiting the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police. We greatly appreciate you in supporting Oklahoma Law Enforcement!

As a sponsor of the Oklahoma Association of Chief of Police, you become an investing partner in law enforcement for your community and throughout Oklahoma.

These are just a few of the proprams that OACP provides:

  • OACP Scholarship Program is awarded to six indviduals each year who desire a career in law enforcement through criminal justice education. Applications are excepted in July of each year. Scholarships are awarded by the committee in the following month of August.
  • 8th Grade Essay ContestEach year the OACP and various agencies suppport an esssay contest for 8th grade students. The subject each year are about substance abuse amongst students, bullying issues and other issues that impact our young adults during the course of the school year.
  • AMBER ALERT:  The OACP was one of the orginal partners that was instrumental in activiating the Amber Alert and the Silver Alert program started in Oklahoma. All Oklahoma agencies now participate in this program.
  • Bullying 101 Law: OACP spent several years with other law enforcement agencies and legislators to implement a state statute to fight and end bullying within our public and private schools. Do to the every changing technologies, this is a statute that must be constantly monitored and ammended to better protect our students at all times..
  • New Police Chief Administator School.  In 2005, a new law in Okahoma was enacted requiring all new Municipal Police Chiefs to attend a 40 hour CLEET approved course in order to be a certified police chief. The new law requires all police chiefs to attend this class within one year of being appointed or elected to thie positions or they will no longer be allowed to retain the position..